// Profile Wrapping Coverings

// Profile Wrapping Coverings

Transform machined profiles into finished products in a single operation. A perfect fit for your project.

Wrapping coverings for doors, frames, furniture components, moldings, drawers and much more.
Application in aluminum, plastic and wood substrates (MDF, MDP and Pine).


// Segments Suggestions

• Frames;
• Office furniture;
• Corporate furniture;
• Kitchens;
• Bedrooms;
• Toilet seats.

• Moldings;
• Fenestration;
• Doors;
• Jambs;
• Door frames.


// Coverings with Antibacterial properties

• Stop the formation of Antimicrobial resistant bacteria;
• Inhibits  the growth of Acinetobacter Baumannii and Klebsiella Pneumoniae (highly pathogenic bacteria) and others;
• Innovative product, with an appeal in wellbeing, healthcare and sustainability;
• Mitigates the transmission of infecto-contagious diseases;
• Avoids cross-contamination ( the Biggest cause of  deaths in hospitals);
*Reduction of 99.97% in microorganisms proliferation in solid colors and 92.17% in woodgrains.
*Report emitted by Laboratório Controlbio, accredited by REBLAS. (reference in those test types).


// Woodgrains with higher UV light  resistance - internal use

• UV Resistance 10 times higher;
• Longer color stability;
• Longer product life in direct exposure to sunlight;
• 7.5 higher abrasion resistance;
• 60% higher scratch resistance;
• Higher elasticity in mechanical deforming;
• 3 times higher chemical resistance; 
• Better ink bonding in substrates;

// Finishing / Textures

High gloss

// Woodgrains

Noce Califórnia MDN
Noce Monza MDN
Noce Amêndoa MDN
Freijó A
Freijó MDN - E
Malva MDN
Carvalho MDN
Nogueira MDN
Mogno - S
Itaúba - S
Macciato MDN / Lakan
Louro Freijó MDN
Marfim Mônaco
IPE Sanremo MDN
Oliva Zaiyt
Werngue Suprema
Noce Málaga
Gris Montano
Freijó A
Capuccino MDN
Natural Pore Gold
Bushed Silver
Black Lacquer
Gray Lacquer
White Lacquer

Available in Spools on request

// Solid Colors

Gianduia TX
Gray TX - LS
Gray TX - B
Urban Gray
Black MTX / TX / MDN
Graphite LS
White MTX / TX / MDN

Available in Spools with Texture Finishing

// Technical Information

  Dimensions Thickness
Spools WHITE: Customized 0,25mm
SOLID COLORS AND WOODGRAIN: Customized 0,22mm and 0,25mm

// Videos